Sponsorship is a key part of motorsport's finances, we like to have long-term relationships with our backers, making sure that they get full value for their money. If you would like more details on what we can offer please contact:
EMAIL: will@williamtregurtha.co.uk
PHONE: 07375 552346
TWITTER: @Will_Tregurtha

About Enlighten

With decades of practical experience, we realize that Operational Excellence is not just about computer systems, it is all about people.We believe that Operational Excellence hails from exceptional management behavior, founded on solutions that are innovative, effective and practical. At Enlighten everything we do is to:• create exceptional back-office performance,

• enable managers to manage, and
• inspire leaders to lead.

What makes us different?

We are different, as our approach is founded on real-world hands-on methodologies, on-the-job coaching, training and proven change-management practices, fueled by ground-breaking software. “We don’t just sell software, we help companies achieve Operational Excellence.”

Our History

Since 1989 the three founders, Tony Tregurtha, Brent Churchill and Andrew Johansen, have worked together in Operational Improvement Consulting businesses. In 1996 they created the first generation of the Enlighten performance analytics software suite. In 2013, Enlighten opened offices in North America and expanded the Management Team. In 2014, Enlighten announced new members to its Advisory Board to support its expansion and growth initiatives.

Our Locations

Enlighten has Offices/ Clients located in: United States, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Middle East and South Africa, and is currently establishing operations in the United Kingdom.

The Tregurtha Project is being sponsored by Tony Tregurtha who is co-founder & CEO of Enlighten-Opex.com. Tony was born in the United Kingdom, raised in Sydney Australia and now resides in Boston USA.  

It is an international genealogical research project with the goal of tracing the entire Tregurtha pedigree from its roots in Cornwall, to the many branches throughout the world today.  

The project is managed by Annalies Nutley, a professional genealogical researcher and builds on work started by Tony’s late Grandmother, Helena Dutton, and has been supported by efforts from all over the globe including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and UK.  

William is incredibly grateful for the Project's generous financial support and delighted in the faith they have shown in him.